Year 1 news gallery

Autumn colour

12 October 2020

Orange class went on an Autumn walk to look at what happens to the leaves on the trees at this time of year. Then they made Autumn tree paintings. The colours they could see were orange, yellow, brown, red and purple. The paintings look amazing!

Welcome back Year 1!

22nd June 2020

We had a great week welcoming back our Year 1 children It was so lovely seeing the children and hearing everyone’s news. The children created welcome back posters. They included what they had missed and what they can do now. Everyone worked at their tables and chatted with their friends.  They ate their packed lunches and played outside in the sunshine In art some of the children looked at sculpture. They designed their sculptures and then made them out of clay. 

Even though the pods are apart, the children have been writing to their friends in different pods.

It’s been a bit different in school. but the children have been really happy to be back and we are all very happy to see them.

Exploring our senses in Science

Throughout Autumn 2 the children carried out a range of experiments testing their Senses. They had fun carrying out a mystery smell test, a guess the taste test and they all took part in a sound bingo and listening walk. The children explored how different objects felt and took part in an optician role play activity.

Making Healthy Food

In Food Technology Year One made fruit salad, fruit jelly, vegetable soup and chose a variety of vegetables to try with different dips. Yum!

Our visit to see the author Hannah Lee

Year One went to Pickled Pepper Books to meet the author Hannah Lee who wrote the book ‘My Hair’. Year One children enjoyed listening to Hannah read her book. Also they got the opportunity to write a class story with Hannah Lee. They had lots of fun!


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