Starting at Rokesly
The school for your child in the heart of Crouch End

Every September we look forward to starting a new school year with new friends, new opportunities and new members of our school community.

Staring school can be an exciting and scary time – for you as well as your child  – so all the staff at Rokesly are dedicated to giving you the very best support as your child gets ready to start school.

We have designed a Starting school booklet to support you and your child as you prepare for a new start at Rokesly Infant and Nursery School. You can see it here.

How we get it right at Rokesly

Everything your child knows so far, they have learned from you. Before you start, we make sure we get to know you and your child well to ensure the best start possible.

We organise home visits during the Summer term so we can meet you and get to know your child so they feel ready to start school.

We and ask you to complete our Foundation Stage Questionnaire. ou can find a word version of our questionnaire here

We meet and talk with the staff from your child’s current setting.

We have in-year admissions to our fabulous Nursery so your child can develop their confidence and independence in our purpose-built setting with adults who will care for them and get them ready for their next stage of learning.

Find out about nursery admissions here

We give you lots of opportunities to visit us with your child. You can book on to one of our school tours, or look out for one of our Open Events. We would also love for you to join our brilliant Rokesly families and friends at our Community and PSA events. 

The first few days at Rokesly

Every child is different and will experience things in their own way.

In September, we start the children in small groups at a time. We try to group the children together with friends from their previous setting. On their starting day, the children stay for lunch and are then picked up. After that, they stay for the whole day.

Sometimes, children might need help with starting school and we will give you all the help you need. We want you and your child to be happy and excited about coming to school.

We are proud of how quickly our children are ready and able for the challenge and fun of learning new skills.

Communication is key

If you need to talk about any issue in school that you feel is important, the first contacts will be your class practitioners. If you need to make an appointment to see your child’s teacher, you can talk to them at the gate or contact the school office.

Most of our communication at Rokesly is by text and email. We use also use Tapestry as an online learning journal to share and record your child’s achievements. Many of you will be familiar with Tapestry already. We hold a Tapestry parent workshop soon after you child starts.

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