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Our art challenges are open to everyone and there is no time limit. If you fancy having a go at a challenge, you are very welcome. All we ask is that you send us a picture of your awesome art so we can upload it on to a gallery for everyone to see. Email pictures of your art to:

Magical Worlds

Have you ever wanted to create a special, magical world of your own where anything is possible? Author, illustrator and artist Christian Robinson will show you how to make one from a paper bag and some paints or colours. Watch the video below to be inspired by Christian (He has a YouTube show called Making Space which always has interesting creative ideas for you to try)


Inspiring Rainbows

During lockdown, many children rainbows to display in their front windows to bring happiness to others. The idea started in Italy where people started displaying rainbows with the message “Andrà tutto bene” – everything will be all right. I hope you will be inspired to make you to make your own rainbow! See how many rainbows you can spot in windows around your neighbourhood…

UK charity AccessArt has a huge range of resources and ideas to inspire your creative thinking and learning. You can find their take on creating rainbows here:


 Worry Dolls

This art challenge is to make yourself some WORRY DOLLS. Traditionally, worry dolls are made from scraps of found materials and given to children to help them with their worries. To make your own worry dolls, you will need scraps of string, wool, Use twigs or strips of card if you don’t have lolly sticks, and cut up old bits of cloth you find to make your dolls’ clothes.

Follow the link to see three great ways for you to make their own worry dolls:

You will want to share your worries with your dolls and keep them under your pillow, but don’t forget to send me a picture of them first! 

 Make Some Noise!

This art challenge is as much about hearing as looking – by making a Rainbow shaker 

Local Arts collective Groundswell Arts are encouraging all children with their families to come out to the front of their houses and join in a socially distanced Family Jam on Thursday evenings. You can join in with the celebration of our incredible NHS by making some noise with your own homemade instruments.

Follow the link for more information about music and art projects with Groundswell Arts:

groundswell arts WE ARE HERE

My Family

For this challenge I want you to make a picture or model of your family using materials you have at home. You can be as inventive as you like!

You could make your family in lego, collage, scrap materials, even spoons! Just make it colourful, make it interesting and most of all… make it FUN!

Make sure you include everyone from your home. We wouldn’t want to leave anyone out – pets included!

Pebble Pets

For this challenge, your art will become part of the Great Big Art Exhibition.  This is a joint initiative with the Tate, Arts Council England and various other art providers. To do this, we need your amazing art!

We want you to make yourself a ROCK PET.

Send your awesome artistic stone or pebble to Marisa (please title it Art Exhibition) and we will put it on the exhibition’s Instagram site (#greatbigartexhibition2021) and on our school Instagram site. 

Essential Skills Family

This challenge is to have a go at portraying one of our Rokesly Essential Skills Family in a piece of art. Think about what it is you want to capture: the texture of their fur or feathers; the bright colours; the shapes and lines of their body.

Will you choose Speaky Beaky, Teamy Sharer, Amy Columbot,

Jumpin Joinin, Owlbert Einstein or Kitty Indicat?

You might try making your character as a collage, a junk model, a painting or even a cake!

Recreate a Painting!

Can you step into a painting? This challenge is a lot of fun!

Inspired by the challenge set by the Getty Museum, I’d like you to see if you can recreate a famous piece of art using just the things you can find around your home.

Have a look on the National Gallery website for inspiration. The link to the highlights of their amazing collection can be found here:

or you can use your toys, clothes and any other household objects to create a masterpiece that you already know. You can choose art from anyone you like, from Boticcelli to Banksy. Don’t forget to get your family involved, too!

I am really looking forward to seeing what you lot get up to!

If you fancy doing something arty whilst at home you could look online for an artist that you like the style of and try and either copy one of their pieces of work or use their style to paint or draw or use collage to create something of your own.
Keep all the pieces safe and then when we get back to school I will display them on one of the display boards.
You could also write one or two lines telling us why you like the artist.
Here are a few suggestions:
 Stay at home and stay safe

“Every child is an artist” – Picasso

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