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Fine motor skills

In our Reception classes the children have been doing lots of activities to develop and refine their fine motor skills. You can do activities at home to help them practice and build on their skill;s. There are lots of examples of the things we do in school to help children develop their dexterity, strength and co-ordination. Have a look at our fine motor skills gallery below for inspiration.

Welcome back Reception!

8th June 2020

We have had a lovely time this week welcoming back children from Yellow class, Gold class and Silver class. We had certainly missed all your smiling faces!

The classes look a little different, but children were glad to see their friends, their teachers and all their favourite toys. They had fun reading, writing, planting seeds, playing with lego, painting, writing on whiteboards and having fun in the playground.

We look forward to seeing more of you later this week and next week

Reception Home Learning Gallery

We have been busy learning during lockdown. Have a look at our amazing work in the gallery below

Gold Dancers

Here are some of the Gold class children doing a doubles dance. They are so funky!

Can you do a dance like them?

Seasonal changes - Autumn

We went to the park to look at seasonal changes and we explored what we found. This led to an investigation of nocturnal and diurnal animals. We talked about it getting dark early and the days getting shorter. We learnt about how to stay safe when walking home in the dark. The dark evenings led into our discussion of celebrations, (Diwali, Halloween, Fireworks, Hannukah and Christmas.)

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