How to Help your Child

Here are some useful resources to help you help you support your child’s learning at home:

Reading and Writing at Rokesly

At Rokesly we know that READING with your child is essential to help them develop the skills they need to access the curriculum and prepare them to move on to the next stage of their learning. We foster a love of reading from an early age and base much of our work on books the children love. We send home books each week in your child’s bookbag and encourage you to communicate with us about their developing reading skills.

At Rokesly, we are developing your child’s WRITING ability before they start to write. Children often find it difficult to write and we work hard to ensure they develop good fine motor control and the core strength they need in their growing bodies. We do lots of activities to develop this – even when the children are playing. You can help at home, too.

Target Booklets for Parents

These booklets are designed to help parents understand the expectations for children at the end of each year in school. Children develop at different rates and some children may need more support to help them reach their goals. The booklets also contain some ideas for activities yiou can try at home to practise and develop skills.

Year 1

Year 2

There are plenty of online resources available to support your child on our Home Learning Page.

We have also posted some suggestions on your Year group pages along with resources from our parent workshops.

Another great resource for supporting your child is the Oxford Owls home reading page

You can also find some wonderful, funny and exciting resources for oracy, reading and writing from storyteller Phil McDermott at the Story Emporium 


Online Safety at home

Here are some helpful guides to support you and you child as they use devices connected to the internet at home.

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