Rokesly Essential Skills Curriculum

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Rokesly Infant and Nursery School is a dynamic place to learn. We value learning through experience, learning core ways that are memorable, and equipping your child with skills they can apply in all aspects of life. Learning is central to everything at Rokesly.

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Our curriculum motivates the children to ask questions, see connections between things and enables them to be self-reflective about the world around them. We want every child to leave the school gate with fond memories and an excitement for the journey ahead.

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Rokesly is a school where every child feels proud of who they are and their own uniqueness. We celebrate our achievements together and believe that everyone should have the skills and knowledge they need to open any door and break down barriers to opportunity.

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We celebrate progress and attainment at Rokesly and are proud of our high standards, but even more importantly, we nurture curiosity, determination, responsibility, kindness, ambition and imagination. We want your child to develop the full range of skills they will need to be successful in our changing world.

Each day is an important one as they take their small steps towards big dreams


Rokesly Essential Skills Curriculum

At Rokesly Infant and Nursery School we passionately believe that all aspects of learning are important —  both the academic subjects (reading, writing, maths and all the other areas) and the personal and social skills (getting on with each other, communicating well, managing difficulties effectively) that make us good learners and help us get on in our lives beyond school. We know from research that these ‘soft’ skills are highly valued and important in our ever changing world.

With the help of the best research, as well as with the support of staff, governors, parents and children, we have developed our Rokesly Essential Skill Curriculum to be a thorough and thoughtful way to teach children the personal qualities that we know are important for a happy and successful in life at school and beyond. These qualities and characteristics are encapsulated in our Rokesly Essential Skills Family as a fun, memorable and interactive way to teach, nurture and develop the skills that children will use throughout their lives in their learning, their relationships and their working lives.

Each half term, we have a focus on one of the Skills Family characters and the set of skills they represent, building into a whole raft of life skills and attitudes that the children can draw on. 

Respectful Communicator - SPEAKY BEAKY

I listen to, care about and respect the feelings, ideas and opinions of others.

I THINK before I speak and share my views.

Early Years RESPECTFUL COMMUNICATORS stop, look and listen to an adult in different situations.

Year 1 COMMUNICATORS give and follow instructions given by a partner (e.g. barrier game).

Year 2 COMMUNICATORS listen to others and respond appropriately (e.g. give feedback from a talk partner or ask more in-depth questions about a subject). They are sensitive to others’ feelings.

Team worker - TEAMY SHARER

I take turns, compromise and work with others to share ideas and resources. I set myself goals and work hard to achieve them.

Everything is better when we work together!

Early Years TEAM WORKERS share equipment fairly and take turns.

Year 1 TEAM WORKERS co-operate with others to achieve goals (e.g. build a model with a partner) and ask for help.

Year 2 TEAM WORKERS can plan and work collaboratively to achieve goals (e.g. take on different roles in a group sport/ literacy/drama activity). They can be a leader.


I ask questions, investigate, observe, collect information and find out new things.

I don’t know the answer YET, but I know how to FIND OUT.

Early Years EXPLORERS are curious and ask questions.

Year 1 EXPLORERS make observations and record what they find out.

Year 2 EXPLORERS generate questions and research the answers using a book index or an internet search.

Active Participator - JUMPIN JOININ

I like to join in, be involved, try new things and make suggestions.

I know that I won’t get things right first time and getting something wrong helps me to learn, too

Early Years ACTIVE PARTICIPATORS are willing to have a go at a new activity or try a new food.

Year 1 PARTICIPATORS stay calm and keep trying when something goes wrong.

Year 2 PARTICIPATORS can learn from mistakes, talk about why things went wrong and plan a new way to tackle a problem.

Creative Thinker - OWLBERT EINSTEIN

I create new ideas and share them in interesting ways like stories, pictures and drama.

I use my knowledge to talk about what things are like, and to guess what might happen when I try something new.

Early Years CREATIVE THINKERS imagine new ideas and try them out.

Year 1 THINKERS create ways to solve a problem and test them out.

Year 2 THINKERS can plan, do and review – they use prior knowledge to imagine what might happen and can explain their ideas and suggest ways to improve.

Independent Learner - KIT INDICAT

I know how to keep myself safe, healthy and I am always ready for learning and can get the things I need.

I don’t give up when things are tricky because I know how to get UNSTUCK.

Early Years INDEPENDENT LEARNERS can access all areas of their learning environment independently.

Year 1 INDEPENDENT LEARNERS can get the equipment they need and stay on task without being distracted.

Year 2 INDEPENDENT LEARNERS have strategies they use when they are stuck. They make safe and healthy choices.


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